FinallyLAN 2022 Only 9 seats left!

Video Games. On a single network. Called a LAN (local area network). Snacks and drinks. Called a party. So you know, add them together and get a LAN Party.

Bring Your Own Computer. Bring a dish to share.

This is my first rodeo for such a large LAN. But I've done many smaller r̶o̶d̶e̶o̶s̶ LAN Parties so I've got some experience.

We'll solidify details later. Like games, snacks, drinks. But don't worry. We tend not to play too many high end games or ones with a bunch of skill involved.

Also, fuck StarCraft, Andy.

10 hour event
Saturday, July 16 @ 12:00 PM
Saturday, July 16 @ 10:00 PM

101 18th St
Moline, Illinois, United States

Map and Directions

More Information

Cody has been running a friendly LAN party since 2017. Always wanted to do a big one. So here it finally is!

Once you're registered, please vote on games to play so other players have a good idea on what to buy and download before coming.

Other Activities

(none, but open for suggestions)

Lodging and Accomodations

We're at a hotel, Stoney Creek. Feel free to patronage them!

General Rules

16 people are invited, no more, no less. Hotel cash bar will be available. Please bring a food dish to share. Bawls energy soda will be on sale at cost. Feel free to bring a drink to share or your own. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL, you will be quickly asked to leave.

We Provide

Power Strips, Network Switches, Ethernet Cables

You Provide:
Gaming Desktop (and monitor) (or laptop). Mouse. Keyboard. Dish to share. Drinks for yourself or to share.

Bawls energy pop. Hotel cash bar.

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