Let LanHUB ensure the success of your event by handling your event registration, end-to-end. LanHUB's no-signup registration accelerates your event's attendance with its easy and intuitive industry-leading 3-step process, that takes minutes to set up.

After users enter in the relevant details, an invoice will be created that reserves seats for them and their team with automatic expiry. Once they pay for their invoice via PayPal (all major credits accepted, no signup required), a vouchers will be sent to the team captain.


LanHUB's seat selection is built from the ground-up to be the most intuitive and flexible experience for your staff and your players.

Simply drag and drop, copy and group seats into tables to organize your layout in the Seat Layout Editor. Upload an image background to give your players a sense of direction and help guide them to their seats on the day of their event. Once registration is open, the Seat Assignment Editor gives you the power to assign and kick players and teams from seats or whole tables in an easy drag-and-drop experience.

Other Features

Use vouchers to have direct control over the attendance of your event. Vouchers form the basis of gated entry, and is flexible enough to fit your event's needs. Vouchers can be created in bulk or individually with the voucher editor. Created vouchers will be sent to users as a link in an email. Users simply have to click the link (or pass to their team if sending multiple to a captain), and they will be granted access to your event.
Use LanHUB to manage assigned seating during registration.
Effectively communicate your event's terms and conditions. Every registered player will need to review and confirm the specified terms and conditions.
Use LanHUB's reputation to boost your event's popularity on the internet! Make the right first impression with a solid sales pitch and youtube video, and provide easy access to Lodging and accomodation, outside activities, general rules, event-provided equipment, and more!
Provide your event location and LanHUB will use google maps to give driving (or flight) directions to your event!
Customize how players will pay for your event, from EMT to the door!
LanHUB seamless integrates with PayPal, directly depositing funds into your PayPal account.
LanHUB gives you full control of marketing your event with discounts. Create Percentage or Dollar discounts, applied per player or per registration. Control coupon usage to max number of players or registrations.
Give your players the excitement of getting the first seat with the registration countdown! Simply specify when you want registrations to open and LanHUB will do the rest.
Create your schedule, and players will be reminded automatically!
Every Announcement will notify all players. Even players on lunch will know!
No matter the size of the event, Staff and Players will use LanHUB to organize tournament matches, favorite games, and more on their PC, tablet and mobile!
With a few clicks, straw poll your players for pizza options, random tournaments, funny jokes and more!
Servers, Common Sites, and more! Give your players a central hub of information all on a single page!
Give your players a reliable list of staff to look to when they need help.
Network Admins are right at home with LanHUB, thanks to its IP Lookup. Simply enter an IP address in the search and see all players currently or previously associated to that IP!
Ensure your players arrive prepared! Customize reminders to your players to bring the right equipment and install the right games!
Players are reminded to install games for tournaments they have signed up for, and opted to play on the player game board!
Group your players into teams (can be set automatically during registration) to give context to your players. Power reconciliation tools are provided to keep management quick and intuitive.
Highlight seats from team views and player searches, quickly identifying where they are sitting so you spend less time hunting and more time running!
Single Elimination, Double Elimination, Round Robin. LanHUB empowers Challonge! to run tournaments for your event.
LanHUB gives your players a single location to sign up for all the tournaments.
LanHUB lets your teams protect themselves from trolling by password-protecting their team signup.
LanHUB manages PUG signups for you, automatically creating teams as needed to fulfill unexpected signups.
LanHUB ensures that all your players have their profile specified, so you can contact them in-game!
Easily make announcements to the teams!
Keep your players playing by offering a Player Game Board! Completely turn-key, players will vote for and add games, and let players discover each other before and during the event.
Give your players a platform to voice their public opinion about their "friendly" match and competition, right on the dashboard!
Let your players search for others with search!
Players' steam profile is shown, on the top right and on the seatmap!
Players can change seats with a few clicks! If they are on a team, they are limited to choosing a seat assigned to their team.
Give your players a hub to connect to your voice chat server!
Give your players a playlist to listen to during your event!
Give your players and staff the premium Lan Party Experience

Make your event seamless, stress-free, and automated. With LanHUB Event Premium, you provide your staff the tools they need and players what they want for an enjoyable event for everyone! Free for up to 20 players!

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LanHUB is the product of over a decade of development and discussion with hundreds of events globally. Unlike other registration sites, LanHUB is designed to help you run and engage at Lan Parties, from tournaments, polls, and more.


LanHUB will use the power of the cloud to guaruntee insanely fast load-times during your event (not including registration). We invite you to experience it for yourself!


Every event is unique. From dozens to hundreds of players, monthly to annually. We will work with you to offer a competitive solution based on your needs.