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Paid Registration, Seat Selection, Tournaments, Game Voting and more. Run a world-class event, or just get your friends together. LanHUB lets you do what you want with your event, starting with a single click.

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Create your own FREE private event and share with your friends! LanHUB can organize and streamline your nightly gaming in a way no-one else can. Other services are about the games -- we're about the players.

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With a single click, you can instantly invite your friends into your own private hub. Want to organize your food orders, or stream your matches on Twitch with a single click? We've got you covered.

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Simplifying Your Setup

We've taken best practices from around the world and put them in a package that takes seconds to set up. It starts with the button below. No matter what you need to do -- tournaments, announcements, team notifications -- LanHUB can do it.

Multiplatform Support

LanHUB can reach your gamers no matter what device they're using. We support Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. Whether it's a small, local party or a tournament that spans the planet, we can help you connect.

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LanHUB features the simplest event registration in the industry. Enter your Name, select a seat, register and pay! No account required!